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Selling a home can mean solving a problem.

Not just another “WE BUY HOUSES” operation, FRANK understands that that sometimes selling a home is actually a means to an end. By selling directly to us and eliminating the middlemen, we can make the best and most aggressive purchase offers.

We call ourselves FRANK because our customers kept thanking us for being so candid in our perspective of their situation — even if the meant losing out on a possible deal.

The FRANK approach doesn’t make sense in every circumstance, but when it does, nothing could be simpler. TALK TO FRANK and tell us about your situation — we can help!

We buy homes cash, “as is”, and have been doing it all around the Cincinnati, Ohio area for over 40 years.

The FRANK Home Buyers brand was created in 2023 by a small group of private real estate investors who have been active in Cincinnati, Ohio for over 40 years.

Because FRANK is backed by local real estate investors, FRANK buys “as is” and pays cash, giving us complete flexibility in how we structure a deal with you.

– Jason

FRANK is powered by Brandon (above, left), Jason (above, right), and Big Jim (below, right).

FRANK is Flexibility. Every aspect of our purchase offer is negotiable.

Deadbeat tenants won’t move out, but you need to sell it yesterday?

Place needs three dumpsters and a hazmat suit? And that’s just to start?

Do you need .. flexible moveout terms that a traditional buyer simply wouldn’t extend?

Need to close ASAP?

Need help navigating the probate system to get title in your name so FRANK can purchase the house?

The guys behind FRANK have worked with countless sellers in similar situations, and we would love to have the chance to talk to you about yours. Let’s work together to find a way for us to buy your home that is a win for both of us WITHOUT paying tens of thousands of dollars in real estate agent fees.


Let’s talk. We will want to learn about the home, get to know you, and learn about any unique situations and closing requirements that might be associated with a sale of the home.

Let’s see it. Frankly (pun intended), we don’t think we can make the best offer possible unless we have an idea of what we’re making an offer on. Coming to see the home and evaluating it in person is part of the FRANK process. FRANK will insist on seeing the property in person.

Let’s negotiate. FRANK will usually make an initial purchase offer at the time of the appointment, but sometimes we will need to do additional research on the opportunity before doing so.

Let’s be frank with one another. We pride ourselves on transparency and are more than happy to walk you through the numbers from our perspective. There is no obligation to accept our offer, nor or there any hard feelings if you don’t.

Let’s schedule a closing! If we end up coming to an agreement, we will schedule a closing with one of our partner title companies here in Cincinnati. We can move as slowly or as quickly as you want or need to.


Our previous customers tell us why:

Selling to FRANK meant they didn’t have to make repairs they weren’t in a financial position to make at that time.

Selling to FRANK was the fast, guaranteed sale they needed.

Selling to FRANK meant they didn’t have to worry about coordinating the probate work needed to complete the sale.

Selling to FRANK meant they didn’t need to open their home to strangers for weeks of showings and open houses.

Selling to FRANK meant not needing to deal with the emotional burden of a property inherited after a loved one unexpectedly died.

Selling to FRANK meant finally getting out of the landlord business.



What sets FRANK apart from the “we buy houses” guys?

It’s true, anyone can buy your home. At FRANK Home Buyers, we focus on the process and the experience.


Yes, this is a business transaction and no doubt the end goal for both parties is to make money. But we always seek to elevate humanity over business when necessary.


We’ll always shoot straight with you – good, bad, or ugly. We’ve found that the best formula is to be straightforward. If it’s not a fit, it’s not a fit. We’ll talk it through. So we’ll always be direct, to the point, or .. dare we say it, FRANK? Ok, you busted us, that’s what inspired the name.


No need for secrets. There are numbers and math behind all of our offers, and we are always more than willing to walk you through those numbers from our perspective. We’re happy to lay forth the closing schedule and involve you with the title company from the start.


If we enter into a contract to buy your house, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years, right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Every situation is unique, and unique situations call for flexibility. FRANK can be flexible in all aspects: purchase price, closing speed, we’ve even committed to ensuring that a homeowner’s favorite tree was left as part of a landscaping redesign.