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Not just another “WE BUY HOUSES” operation, FRANK is about working with people to solve problems and create solutions.

The sellers we work with often have a specific situation that makes listing their house on the open market difficult.

The team behind FRANK has worked with countless sellers in similar situations, and we would love to have the chance to talk to you about yours. Let’s work together to find a way for us to buy your home that is a win for both of us.

Sometimes the best deal we can offer you won’t be the best deal for your situation. We’ll tell you that straight up. Our customers often thank us for being so candid in our perspective of their situation, even if it meant losing out on a possible deal. 

By selling directly to us and eliminating the middleman, we can make the best and most aggressive purchase offers, and the deal we offer you will be tailored to your timeline, needs, and circumstances. FRANK is flexible. Every aspect of our purchase offer is negotiable.